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About Us

Connect. Unite. Empower

A supportive relaxed environment for women in business to
Connect - build trusted relationships
Unite - share ideas and brainstorm
Empower - thrive and grow.


Our Mission

Help. Guide. Advise

Our Mission at Womens Business Networking is to ensure no woman in business is isolated or feels that she is alone

  • There are times in business when we need reinforcements.  A friendly army of like minded people  who can walk by our side.  Who will listen to our thoughts, reflect on our dilemmas and successes and cheer us along. Sharon not only brings her own extensive business knowledge but also has attracted experts from a wide range of business arenas. We are in safe hands in this group.  We can share our troubles and our joys. And that is invaluable in todays complex business environment.
    Alison Taylor
    Global Business Development
  • I would highly recommend this women’s business networking group. Sharon is very supportive, knowledgeable and well connected. She has helped myself and lots of businesses through her networking group and although I go to various different networking groups, Sharons is my favourite group.
    Alex Hugginson
    Lumber Jaxs
  • Networking is relatively new to me but from the start Sharon made me feel at ease with it. Lockdown ! it’s been tough, our hands on business came to a stand still and at times I thought I would too. Without the caring nurturing selfless nature of the members of this group things might be very different for me. Sharon has supported us from day 1 with messages online meetings and safe & well calls. I urge women who need that sounding board, that extra bit of encouragement and feedback to join, you’ll not look back. Sharon and the rest of the group
  • Womens Business Networking | Virtual Networking | Women in Business | Andrea Rainsford | SEO Angel
    Womens Business Networking provides a safe and supportive community to share and explore business ideas. I joined the community a year ago and my business has gone from strength to strength. I have met a number of businesses that I was able to collaborate with and support as well as mentors who have offered invaluable advice along my journey. I highly recommend joining this diverse and professional group of ladies.

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